Family Promise Annual Impact Report 2019

1 million served since our founding.

Family Promise
Annual Impact Report

Every life we change
has a story.


1 in 5

American children live below the poverty line.

Nearly 35%

of people experiencing homelessness nationwide
are families with children.

Our Aspiration:

Family Promise will change the future for 1 million children
by 2030 through community-based programs.

From Our CEO

Every family we serve earns their stability through hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Dear Friends,

Homelessness is an acute symptom of poverty, but housing instability is an endemic condition.

In this country, 12 million children are officially below the poverty line. That does not account for the millions of families saddled with unaffordable housing, inadequate healthcare, and limited earning possibilities.

The price is paid by children who change schools multiple times in a year, who contend with uncertainty about where they will be living, who are deprived of the opportunities that should be afforded to every child.

The price is also paid by society, which spends in the near term on costly interventions and in the long term with lost productivity. Allowing so many children to live in poverty, to face homelessness, is morally and fiscally misguided.

This past year we set our aspiration to change the future for 1 million children by 2030. It serves as our guiding star.

This means not just ending homelessness but averting it in the first place through our expanded programs in diversion and prevention. It means investing in long-term stabilization that takes families from insecurity and uncertainty to lasting independence and prosperity.

All of these statistics are not abstract numbers. They are people like Ajaray and Marcus, two teens whose stories are shared in this report, not to mention the tens of thousands of children and youth we served last year among our 200 Affiliates nationwide. Family Promise was able to help them change their future, and in doing so, change the future of our nation.

The key is that this is not done in isolation. Every family we serve earns their stability through hard work, determination, and perseverance. But supporting them is our community—the 200,000 volunteers, the committed and skilled staff, the local leaders.

In particular, we see a new group of volunteers emerging, young adults who are the same age as so many of the parents we are empowering. This is typified by our Next Generation Committee, profiled in this report.

As much as we are changing the future for children in our program, we are also doing so for our communities. But we can only succeed if we are all committed. This report details some of the ways we are doing exactly that.

Very best regards,

Claas Ehlers, CEO

We have provided shelter, meals, case management, and homelessness prevention and stabilization services for

1 million family members

since our founding.

Impact 2019





congregations and organizations


served find housing




served last year

1 Million +

served since founding




bed nights provided


volunteer hours served


Tammi Hart

Guest Advisory Council

Tammi is the incoming board director for the Reedy River Rotary Club of Greenville, SC. She is also a former member of the Greenville Family Promise Affiliate’s board of directors and has a special connection to the program: Tammi and her children were guests there more than a decade ago. Her experience with homelessness and her acute understanding of the impact on families are instrumental in her role on the Guest Advisory Council, a body of Family Promise graduates that provides valuable insight to the organization regarding advocacy, planning, and policy initiatives.

Insufficient job opportunities combined with a lack of reliable transportation contributed to Tammi’s family losing their home.

“Having shelter and being with people who were understanding and supportive made a difference. That and knowing we could all be together, because I had two boys and a daughter, all teenagers. I found a job a week after we got into the program. That put me on the right path, and I kept going from there. At Family Promise you have people who care about making your life better.”


Executive Director, Family Promise of Greater Denver

Allie became the executive director of Family Promise of Denver (CO) in January 2016, transitioning from her role as the Affiliate’s housing locator/case manager. Her passion for identifying affordable and creative housing solutions informs her work with families battling homelessness as they navigate their return to stability. Allie also serves on the Family Promise Affiliate Council, a select group of executive directors who use their expertise to help develop the programs, policies, and procedures that enable Affiliates to best empower families and mobilize volunteers.

The most rewarding part of her work, she says, is the sense of connection and community that develops among families, staff, and volunteers.


FPUC Volunteer

“Prentice,” as he’s known within the Family Promise community, has been an overnight shelter host for Family Promise’s flagship program in Union County, NJ, for more than five years, serving as a companion, mentor, and voice of hope for families. He meets guests with grace and hospitality and is a reassuring presence to families in the shelter program. He brings a unique perspective to the program.

A lifelong advocate for the poor, Prentice leads The Center for Occupational Learning in Newark, NJ, an organization that aspires to empower the homeless community through advocacy, education, and other programming. Of his work with Family Promise, he says, “I’m not in a position to solve families’ problems, but I can give them a place where their spirit can be nurtured. The challenges for parents of families battling homelessness are immense, but it’s most difficult for the children because they have no control over anything. Stability is key.”


Board Member and Vice Chair

An established marketing executive, board of trustee member Andy shares his expertise in the field to help Family Promise increase its national impact. He serves on the board’s brand and marketing committee, guiding the organization’s efforts to increase awareness of its work and the crisis of family homelessness.

“Family Promise’s reputation for a comprehensive, unique, and impactful suite of homelessness prevention services, emergency shelter, and stabilization support positions the organization as a leading authority in the family homelessness sector,” says Andy. “The passion, commitment, and focus of the organization is the foundation for creative solutions to this national crisis.”


Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the largest adult generation, and Generation Z is the largest generation overall in the country. Often characterized as social and passionate about values with a need for their voices to be heard, today’s young adults are vital to the future of the nonprofit world. Recognizing their potential impact in the battle against family homelessness, Family Promise’s Next Generation Committee is raising awareness of this crisis within its peer group and beyond and engaging younger audiences with Family Promise.

Meet these young leaders who are making a difference:

Nora Ali: attorney, Denver, CO. Board vice chair, Family Promise of Greater Denver.
B.A. Johns Hopkins University, J.D. Cornell Law School.

Maureen Cooke: communications professional, New York City area.
B.A. Boston College.

Julia Dowling: brand and growth strategy consultant, New York City.
B.A. University of Richmond.

Lisa Foster: executive director, Family Promise of Davie County (NC).
B.A. North Carolina State University, M.S.W. and M.P.H. University of Georgia.

Peter Palombo: student and volunteer.
Marist College, Class of 2023.

Jackson Stern: student and volunteer.
Bentley University, Class of 2021.

Richard Sun: consulting, development, and innovation professional.
B.S. Columbia University, J.D. candidate Harvard Law School.

From the Family Promise national staff:
Katie Coughlin, Marketing & Media Relations Manager

Mitch Petit-Frere, Creative Content Manager

From the Family Promise national board:
Josh Barer, Managing Director, Barer & Son Capital

Dan Tinkoff, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

  • Peter Palombo
  • Nora Ali
  • Mitch Petit-Frere
  • Katie Coughlin
  • Julia Dowling
  • Maureen Cooke
  • Jackson Stern
  • Richard Sun
  • Lisa Foster

“Young people want creative, enduring ways to give back. The committee’s efforts will help sustain Family Promise and make its work even more meaningful.” –NORA ALI 



Young adults who experience homelessness are especially vulnerable to physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Nearly 50 percent drop out of school at least once, and those who remain in school are more likely to struggle academically and socially, and repeat a grade. Their overall well-being is compromised, making them particularly prone to anxiety, depression, and even suicide.

Family Promise’s comprehensive program of homelessness prevention, shelter, and stabilization offers youth and teens in crisis access to a range of supports to ensure they’re able to overcome the challenges they face and move toward a brighter future.


of children or teens who experience homelessness suffer from anxiety, depression, or withdrawal.

“I was embarrassed to be homeless and hid it from most people. But that made me feel isolated and depressed.”

—Family Promise teen graduate


Ajaray and her father found Family Promise when the move into their new home was delayed and they had nowhere to go. Ajaray worried a shelter would separate her from her dad. “It was just me and my dad. Not having any family around, I needed to stay with my dad,” she says.

Not only did Family Promise keep the family together, they facilitated their return to independence. Ajaray and her dad lacked reliable transportation, so Family Promise secured a car to get them to school and work. Now in their own home, Ajaray is on her way to college and she and her father relish the security, privacy, and peace Family Promise helped them achieve.


Marcus and his parents lived in a motel for six months before finding Family Promise. Marcus never invited friends “home” so his peers wouldn’t discover his family’s situation. His parents were employed but most of their paychecks went to motel bills, an unbreakable cycle that kept the family in constant crisis. Unlike typical shelters that often separate families by gender, Family Promise enabled the family to stay together and offered budgeting strategies and other tools to help them achieve lasting independence.

“One of the great things about Family Promise is that my dad was able to stay with us,” Marcus says. Today, the family has their own home and a car, Marcus’ parents earn a steady income, and Marcus is a successful high school student preparing for college and playing violin in a local orchestra.

“When I was [at Family Promise], it brought my family closer together. Family Promise keeps families together.

All Children Must Be COUNTED

Nearly 1.5 million homeless students were identified by the U.S. Department of Education in the most recent school year, with an increasing number of homeless youth living on their own. Most of these children and youth are invisible in their communities and are forced to stay in rundown motels or on other people’s couches or floors. These hidden homeless situations are often unsafe, putting children and youth at high risk of trafficking, violence, and neglect.

The proposed Homeless Children and Youth Act recognizes the lived reality for these families and would allow providers to flexibly use federal homeless assistance to assess and serve the most vulnerable children and youth. It would also allow them to tailor assistance to the unique needs of the homeless population in their own communities and provide the most appropriate and effective housing and service models for youth and families.

“Family Promise advocates for the Homeless Children and Youth Act because the disparity in federal definitions of homelessness has real-life consequences for children and families.The Department of Education reported that a record 1.5 million students experienced homelessness in 2017–2018. Due to definitional barriers, most of these families are ineligible for HUD Homeless Assistance, leaving them without options for help. We see families everyday who can’t get the help they need and deserve. HCYA would change that.” —Stacy Pollard, Regional Director

Our advocacy partners:

Elevating Voices of Families

Family Promise in the Spotlight

“I had no idea of the numbers of families who have lost their homes. It has been one disaster too many. The stories are almost unimaginable. There is nobody better or more committed to helping these families than the people here at Family Promise.”

—Karen Crawford, Volunteer, Family Promise of Colorado Springs (CO)

“I can’t imagine anything, for me, more meaningful to be a part of.”

Today Show

Dee Martin, a mother of four, was in the military for nine years when she suffered physical injuries that resulted in her losing her job and her housing.

NBC’s The Today Show featured Dee’s story, as well as that of Tiffany Stocker, both graduates of Family Promise of the Midlands (SC), on its March 21, 2019, program. 

Show host Craig Melvin also interviewed Karen Newsome, executive director of the Affiliate that served the two mothers, about the community-based response that makes Family Promise so successful.

“The fact that there’s something pulling all of those people together, and they’re saying we’re going to put this stuff down to address this real epidemic in our country. I can’t imagine anything, for me, more meaningful to be a part of,” Newsome said.

“When everythings taken away from you, youre left with what really matters – the people who love you the most.”

NPR & StoryCorps

The day before Ashley Baker turned 16 years old, she moved into a Dallas motel with her mom. They were newly homeless.

Sandy, Ashley’s mother, then 44, had just left a troubled marriage, scraped together what money she could, and left home with Ashley.

For the next two and a half years, they experienced homelessness. They recounted the challenges they faced during a StoryCorps interview in Dallas, which aired on NPR on November 29, 2019.

Today, Sandy and Ashley share an apartment, Ashley is a college graduate, and Sandy gives back by serving on the board of Family Promise of Collin County (TX).

Learn more and listen to the NPR story at:

With homelessness, there’s an incredible amount of loss to deal with. It reaches far beyond a home and comforts of safety. There’s a loss of dignity, loss of confidence, loss of security.” — Mariah LeMieux-Lupien 

Boston Globe

Patrick Lupien had an IT job that paid $40,000 per year and four special needs children. What he and his wife did not have was a home.

On December 21, 2019, The Boston Globe highlighted the Lupien family’s story of living in their car and in a tent before finding Seacoast Family Promise (NH).

The Lupien family became part of what the writer calls an “often-invisible group known as the ‘working homeless,’ people with jobs who aren’t making enough to cover the high cost of rent.”

Reporters followed the family for six months, documenting their return to independence.

Read more HERE

Adam Butler, defensive tackle for the New England Patriots, wore cleats promoting Family Promise in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs last fall.

NFL/New England Patriots

Every year, players in the NFL raise awareness for their favorite charitable causes through the My Cause My Cleats campaign.

This year, during Week 14 of the season, Adam Butler of the New England Patriots wore cleats representing Family Promise and raised awareness about family homelessness.

Butler says a simple internet search brought him to Family Promise, where he was inspired by our mission and impact. The cleats were auctioned off and the proceeds donated to support families in the Boston area.



Giving back to raise awareness of family homelessness and support families in need

“Family Promise addresses all the aspects of homelessness. That’s the best way to do it.”
—Regina Feeney, Family Promise Board Member

Tri for Family Promise

A team of ten athletes competed in Family Promise’s inaugural Tri for Family Promise at the New Jersey State Triathlon at Mercer County Park in July, raising upwards of $12,000 for children and families experiencing homelessness. The team included CEO Claas Ehlers, staff members Cara Bradshaw and Mitch Petit-Frere, and board member Regina Feeney and her family, who swam, biked, and ran in the sprint triathlon.

The Feeneys were the winning fundraisers, raising more than $5,000. The siblings have volunteered with the Summit High School Family Promise Club, Family Promise Union County’s (FPUC) Girl Scout troop, and at the FPUC offices. The Feeneys enjoy connecting with families on many different levels—from basic needs to basketball clinics to installing bunk beds.

Funds raised provided new bikes at the day center in Elizabeth, athletic equipment, maintenance, and other health and wellness resources for children and their parents, including the first Learn to Ride a Bike clinic hosted in August.

The team had planned to compete again this July, but the event is likely to be cancelled due to the health crisis. If you’re interested in creating an athletic-based fundraiser, please contact Cara Bradshaw, Chief Impact Officer at

Learn to Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is a joy every child should get to experience. That’s why Hilltop Bicycles, through their shops in Summit and Cranford, NJ, has been outfitting local kids with bikes and riding gear and offering skills-building workshops to teach safe cycling.

In August, Hilltop co-hosted a Learn to Ride a Bike event at the Family Promise Union County day center where more than 18 children brought home their very own bicycles. They also learned skills such as balancing and braking and received bike locks and water bottles.

Over the holiday season, Hilltop donated bicycles to six local children. The clinic was such a success that we plan to hold more in the future! To volunteer at the next clinic, contact Amy Jones, Manager of Volunteer Engagement:

“The Learn to Ride a Bike event captivated kids of all ages—and an adult or two—bringing great joy to everyone who participated. The Hilltop staff were so patient and kind with the children and did a tremendous service tuning up and cleaning bikes for the big day.”
—Geleen Donovan, Executive Director of Family Promise Union County

Family Promise National did an amazing job setting us up to be successful. We raised a little over $35,000, and about 20% of that was from new donors. We’re able to better serve families because Family Promise National empowers us with these new and fun initiatives.
—T.J. Putman, Executive Director, Family Promise of the Mid-Willamette Valley (OR)

Giving Day

Family Promise’s first annual Giving Day, a 24-hour online event to raise funds and awareness to battle family homelessness across the country, raised nearly $550,000 with 60 Affiliates participating in 35 states. 1,384 donors, including 431 new donors, made commitments to change the future for children in America by 2030. In addition to raising more than half a million dollars, Giving Day garnered 50 media placements in both local, regional, and national outlets.

National partner Belk celebrated Family Promise’s first Giving Day by awarding $20,000 in challenge grants to eight Affiliates in the Southeast.

More than a dozen local and national organizations in addition to Belk sponsored Giving Day, including: 20 Gates, the Barer Family Foundation, Celgene, Glenmede Trust, Hardman Johnston Global Advisors, Kiddie Academy, Dr. and Mrs. Dale Cohen, Lois Schneider Realtors, Olympus Power, Peter R. and Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation, Point View Wealth Management, R. Seelaus & Co., RelPro, Susan Hardwick, and Topcon America Corporation.


Giving back to raise awareness of family homelessness and support families in need


A Future Begins at Home

“The miracle is, something that I never thought would happen to me, happened. I’m finally a homeowner and my kids and I are going to be safe.” —Sara Warren

With new home donations to families graduating from Family Promise Affiliates in Colorado Springs (CO), Greenville (SC), and Gainesville (FL), Clayton, a builder of off-site and on-site homes, helped three families realize their dream of home ownership in 2019. In Colorado, Clayton and Family Promise partnered with ROC USA®, which preserves affordable housing by making resident ownership of manufactured home communities viable, to deliver a new Clayton-built home to a single mother. After leaving a toxic relationship, single mom Sara Warren struggled to find employment and a home for her family. With support from Family Promise of Colorado Springs, she obtained a fulfilling job and stability for her son, Levi, and daughter, Caitlyn.

In South Carolina, the Merritts, who overcame housing obstacles despite physical disabilities, improved their financial stability and gained access to educational resources for their two sons during their stay at the Family Promise Greenville Affiliate. The family celebrated the holidays by moving into a new Clayton-donated home. …

… Rachael Ryan and Matthew Zovak worked their way out of homelessness with the help of Family Promise of Gainesville. Rachael and Matthew found jobs, improved their economic outlook, and started giving back to their Gainesville community. Their new Clayton home allowed them to make a fresh start with their daughter, Audree. Today, Rachael works as a housing advocate for single people experiencing homelessness. Matthew works as a car mechanic and donates his time to help repair cars at the Gainesville Family Promise Affiliate.

Through these home donations and additional programmatic support, Family Promise and Clayton unveiled A Future Begins at Home, a robust and innovative prevention and stabilization housing program which Affiliates can use nationwide to assist local families. Integrating educational outreach, creative programming, and non-traditional affordable housing solutions, A Future Begins at Home addresses the underlying causes of homelessness and the affordable housing crisis together, supporting families experiencing homelessness and those facing housing instability.

The homes feature furniture donated by Ashley Furniture HomeStore and Belk and organic mattresses provided by Avocado Green Mattress.


Mom’s Life Transformed Through the Belk-Family Promise Partnership

“Through Belk’s support last year, Family Promise served nearly 50,000 people in the Southeast through prevention, shelter, and stabilization programs and other support.” —Claas Ehlers, Family Promise CEO

Alex, a single mom from Shenandoah County, VA, struggled with addiction for years and found herself unable to focus on recovery. Even after losing custody of her infant daughter, Alex simply did not have the support structure in place to make a major life change.

Alex credits Family Promise with her big turn-around. “Family Promise saw my potential and gave me a chance when no one else did,” Alex says. “Their support and encouragement allowed me to change my life.”

When Alex was reunited with her three-year-old daughter, Family Promise of Shenandoah County helped her navigate the challenges of parenting, as well as addiction recovery, stabilization, employment, and housing. “It was overwhelming. Suddenly I was her sole provider,” Alex recalls.

While in the Family Promise shelter program, Alex began volunteering with event planning and fundraising. She was so passionate about her work, that Family Promise offered her a job. She received a donated vehicle, which increased her independence, and when she was ready, Family Promise found Alex and her daughter a home. …

… But Alex’s journey was far from over. She had never considered a career helping others, but her experience at Family Promise gave her a new perspective. Family Promise encouraged her to apply for a position with a rehabilitation facility where she now works with individuals recovering from addiction. She also teaches a weekly parenting class at Family Promise of Shenandoah County and mentors families on their journey from homelessness.

“Family Promise’s approach isn’t easy,” Alex says. “It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. If you commit, you won’t end up in another shelter… you’ll leave to go home.”

Together, Belk and Family Promise are empowering mothers like Alex toward long-term independence and by doing so, are changing the future for children.

In February 2019, Belk announced a $1 million donation to Family Promise to open ten new Affiliates and support 85 existing Affiliates in the retailer’s 16-state footprint, which will help parents and their children receive the tools and support they need to sustain independent housing.


Additional FP PARTNERS: Corporate

FP PARTNERS: Nonprofit

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities, a program of Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the popular children’s television show, sought Family Promise’s expertise for a children’s book that recounts a young girl’s experiences with homelessness. In We Got This, Lily, a Muppet who is also featured on the tv program, has lost her home, and she and her parents are temporarily staying with a friend. The story follows Lily as she comes to terms with this trauma and learns that homelessness is a circumstance, not a definition.

Family Promise Affiliates share this book with children in their programs and their communities, even combining story time with crafts and games to help kids comprehend the concept of homelessness. One Affiliate hosted story time at a local library and helped the children make bracelets like the one Lily makes in the book to symbolize hope for better times.

As one of the book’s characters proclaims, “In a community, we can look out for each other. Together…WE GOT THIS.”

Recycled Rides™

Stacey and her family spent years longing for a home. An unpredictable long-term relationship had made independence impossible for the family, and Stacey and her boys, all under age nine, eventually found themselves living with a friend. But her lowest moment was the night they spent in their car.

Family Promise’s shelter diversion program connected the family to services and resources that enabled them to quickly regain stability and security. Stacey found a new place to live, childcare, and a job. But, without reliable transportation she was unable to work full time.

Family Promise’s partnership with Recycled Rides, a national nonprofit that refurbishes vehicles for those in need, was the key to transformation for Stacey and her boys. Before long, Stacey was driving her own car with her first year of insurance covered!

“Family Promise and Recycled Rides allowed me to provide for my family,” says Stacey, who still drives the car that helped change her life four years ago.

Today, Stacey is married and owns her own home, and her boys are thriving. Recently hired as a case manager for the Family Promise Affiliate that helped her, Stacey now counsels families walking the path she once traveled.

 Girl Scouts of the USA

A partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA gives girls whose families are struggling with homelessness access to the valuable opportunities presented through scouting. Working closely with representatives from Girl Scout councils across the country, Family Promise troops give members the chance to develop independence and leadership skills.

Seven-year-old Janelle* is shy, quiet, and nervous about the unknown. She especially loves the crafts she gets to do at her troop meetings at Family Promise of Colorado Springs (CO), but others see her confidence building as scouting continues to introduce her to new situations. Her troop leaders are excited to see her grow from the experiences.

“I’m glad Janelle is doing [Girl Scouts] now,” says her mother. “I know it can help her build confidence.”

*Name changed to protect privacy

Thanks to our partnership with PetSmart Charities, families facing homelessness know their beloved pets will be well cared for while they work toward independence. Once life is stable, families and pets are happily reunited.


More than 200,000 Family Promise volunteers walk alongside families on their journey back from homelessness. Our extensive network of volunteers empowers families to lasting independence by sharing time and talent to help them develop the skills and tools necessary for success. As valuable as Family Promise volunteers are to the organization and the families they serve, most claim it’s a reciprocal relationship and that Family Promise benefits everyone involved.

Linda Walker

Linda Walker started volunteering with Family Promise’s flagship emergency shelter program in Union County, NJ, when it was founded more than 30 years ago. From the beginning, she appreciated how each family’s unique needs were addressed.

“Family Promise is willing to listen to families,” she says. “There’s no one answer that fits everyone.”

A wife and mother of two young children back then, Linda would bring her family to volunteer. She welcomed the opportunity for them to make a difference together.

“Family Promise helps people of all ages understand they can have an impact,” she notes.

In fact, Family Promise made such a strong impression on Linda’s daughter, Stacy, in her youth that she and her family now volunteer with Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis in their home state of Indiana. Like her own mother did, Stacy wants to teach her children the value of community and giving back. And when Linda and her husband visit Stacy’s family, all three generations volunteer together.

In the end, it’s family that Linda treasures most, and she’s grateful to reinforce that value through Family Promise.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child,” she says. “That village is full of families.”

“They say it takes a village to raise a child … That village is full of families.”

Interested in Volunteering?

Learn More and Sign Up



Support and Revenue

Foundations, Corporations, and Civic Organizations $2,199,719
Individuals $509,508
Congregations $48,242
Fundraising Events $375,998
Government $212,995
Sales and Affiliates $611,340
Contributed Services $302,543
Investment and Other Income $274,257



Financial Report



Program Services $3,201,755
Management and General $214,377
Fundraising $306,747




Non-Cash Reductions

Depreciation and Amortization $52,672



Total Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets $811,723
Net Assets – Beginning of Year $3,268,930
Net Assets – End of Year $4,080,653

Program Services Report


Services Breakdown

Served in Emergency Shelter 14,353
Served in Housing Programs 7,607
Served in Community Service Programs 30,159
Served in Diversion/Prevention Programs 10,512
Served in Stabilization Programs 9,445

Total Served in Programs


Served through Referrals


Total Number Served



Shelter Program

Families Served 4,241
Number of Children 8,573
Percent of Total Who are Children 60%
Number of Children Age 5 or Under 3,732
Percent of Total Children Age 5 or Under 44%
Average length of Stay (days) 60.9

Housing Status at Exit

Percent of Families Securing Permanent Housing 55%
Percent of Families Securing Transitional Housing 10%
Percent of Families Securing Shared Housing 15%

Percent of Families Housed


Boards, Staff, & Advisors

Leah Griffith, Chair
Managing Partner, Watts Consulting

Andrew Pierce, Vice-Chair
Partner, Bain & Company

Stacey Slater Sacks, Secretary
President & Founder, Pro Bono Strategies

Richard Vicens, Treasurer
President & CEO, Olympus Power

Board Member Alex English

Nadim Ahmed
President, Hematology, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Josh Barer
Managing Director, Barer & Son Capital

Kevin Barrett
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Altegra Health

Sarah Bird
Former Principal and Managing Consultant, Hewitt Associates

Alex English
Retired Professional Basketball Player & Assistant Coach, National Basketball Association

Claas Ehlers
Chief Executive Officer, Family Promise

Regina Feeney
Sales and Marketing Coordinator, SHIFT HR Compliance Training

David Fleck
Founding Partner, CEO and Chairman, FreeFlow Ventures

Tim Gamory
Chief Executive Officer, BronXchange

Susan Hardwick
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, American Water Works Company, Inc.

Linda Henry
Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP

Robert J. Hugin
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Celgene Corporation

Kat Lilley
Executive Director, Family Promise of Colorado Springs

Eileen Serra
Former Senior Advisor, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Sherina Smith
Vice President and Head of Marketing, American Family Insurance

Dan Tinkoff
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.

Martin Wise
Chief Executive Officer, RelPro, Inc.

Jill Benedict
Thomas Berry
Richard J. Boyle
Barbara E. Bunting
Carmine Di Sibio
Neely Dodge
Cary R. Hardy
Karen Olson
Robert W. Parsons, Jr.
Angela Schroeder
Susan Watts
Donald J. Weida
Janet Whitman
Janet Williams

Karen Olson, Family Promise Founder and Emeritus Board Member

Jeanna Beck
Regional Director (South)

Maggie Bernhard
Affiliate Services Associate

Melissa Biggar
Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations

Corina Borg
Manager of Special Events

Cara Bradshaw
Chief Impact Officer

Ben Bromberg
Systems Architect

Shari Competiello
Chief of Staff

Katie Coughlin
Marketing & Media Manager

Geleen Donovan
Executive Director, Family Promise Union County

Claas Ehlers
Chief Executive Officer

Carolyn Gordon
Regional Director (Northeast)

Risé Grady
Case Manager

Amy Jones
Manager of Volunteer Engagement

Sadie Keller
Affiliate Services Associate

Kaela Kennington
Affiliate Services Associate


Family Promise National staff spent a few days brainstorming and team building during a work retreat in the Hudson River Valley, New York.


Paula Massa
Development and Marketing Associate

Sandra Miniutti
Chief Operating Officer

Lindsay Moore
Regional Director (Midwest)

Karen O’Connell
Administrative Assistant

Karen Olson
Founder & President Emeritus

Emily Parker
Database Application Manager

Mitchell Petit-Frere
Creative Content Manager

Stacy Pollard
Regional Director (West)

Teressa Ramsey
Regional Director (Gulf)

Roberta Samuels
Director of Foundation/Corporate Relations

Christine Tolleson

Allie Card
Family Promise of Greater Denver (CO)

Christine Carter-Love
Family Promise of Monmouth County (NJ)

The Affiliate Council, comprised of Executive Directors from around the country, provides valuable input in the development of Family Promise’s programs, policies, and procedures.

Sue Crossley
Family Promise MetroWest (MA)

Lisa Donnot
Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley (MT)

Lisa Foster
Family Promise of Davie County (NC)

DJ Lott, Jr.
Family Promise of Great Falls (MT)

Lindsey McCamy
Family Promise of Hall County (GA)

Tony McDade
Greenville Area IHN (SC)

Sue Minarchi
Family Promise of Southern Chester County (PA)

Jayne Moraski
Family Promise of Gainesville (FL)

Dana Ortiz
Family Promise of Lawrence (KS)

Tara Pagliarini
Family Promise of Brevard (FL)

Tony McDade

T.J. Putman
Family Promise of the Mid-Willamette Valley (OR)

Cheryl Schuch
Family Promise of Grand Rapids (MI)

Rebecca Esparza
Family Promise of Lawrence (KS)

Syri Gerstner
Family Promise of Greater Phoenix (AZ)

Tammi Hart
GAIHN, Greenville, South Carolina

Sarah Jackson
Family Promise of Gwinnett County (GA)

Hope Johnson
Family Promise of Hunterdon County (NJ)

Yusuf Kalule
Family Promise Metrowest (MA)

Kat Lilley
Family Promise of Colorado Springs (CO)

Theresa Pinger
Family Promise of Anoka County (MN)

Theresa Pinger, Tammi Hart, Sarah Jackson, Candice Fife, Rebecca Esparza, Hope Johnson, Yusuf Kalule, Kat Lilley


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